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Orthodontic Appliances

Dr. Zachary Mellion, Dr. Alex Mellion or Dr. Joseph Mellion may recommend orthodontic appliances as part of your treatment plan. These appliances help supplement your primary treatment, providing specific tooth movements or performing specific functions to benefit your oral health and tooth alignment. Our orthodontists will discuss your orthodontic appliances with you to ensure they are providing the greatest benefits of your smile.

Space Maintainers (Lower or Upper Lingual Holding Arches)

Primary teeth play a key role in maintaining the space for adult teeth in your child’s mouth. If your child looses their teeth early, our orthodontists may recommend the use of a space maintainer. These devices, like the lingual holding arch for upper or lower jaws during Phase I treatment, serve as placeholders. When a primary tooth is prematurely lost, damaged or extracted, a space maintainer becomes essential to preserve the necessary gap for the adult tooth to erupt without any issues.

For the lower lingual holding arch, the appliance ensures the retention of permanent molars while the transition from primary to permanent teeth occurs. Consisting of two braces cemented onto lower molars and connected by a U-shaped bar, this device remains in place until all permanent teeth erupt, signaling readiness for Phase II or comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

Palatal Expander

When dealing with a narrow upper jaw, often characterized by a crossbite, a palatal expander can be instrumental in widening the jaw structure. This expansion facilitates the creation of adequate space for crowded or misaligned teeth.

Equipped with a screw-type mechanism, the expander can be adjusted using a specialized key provided by our orthodontists, which can be operated either by the patient or their guardian. As the expansion progresses, it is common to observe a gap forming between the front teeth, which naturally closes once the desired widening is achieved. Following successful expansion, the expander remains in position for three to six months to ensure the stability of the correction.

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